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Human Resources Strategy

  With keen market competition, strategic human resources management is critical in retaining talents and building a solid foundation for a successful corporation. Our employees are the most important resources for Kingboard Group. By recruiting a pool of ambitious and innovative talents, Kingboard leverages on the training capabilities of the Kingboard Management Training Programme and the corporate spirit of “Continuous Learning and Improvement” to build up a strong team spirit amongst our management team and every single employee within the Group. We believe that building a strong management team with first class technical and management skills is the key mission of our human resources department.

Human Resources Philosophy

  Good personality with integrity, innovative mind, positive attitude and strong team spirit are the essential qualities for each of the members within the Kingboard Group. When choosing prospective candidates for various positions within the Group, priority consideration will be given to virtue, then on the candidate’s capabilities as the key selection criteria for Kingboard Group.

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